JZJ Holdings LLC

We make direct and syndicated investments in real estate, operating businesses, private equity & angel opportunities.

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Our philosophy & approach

A simple guiding principle...

We invest in real estate, businesses, assets and in intellectual property... but most importantly we invest in people!

How we work

We take moderate and calculated risks to build a strong, diversified portfolio managed by a group of exceptional and talented partners.  The explosive growth of angel investing, changing business models and venture capital investing -- along with a desire to diversify family holdings -- led us to form JZJ Holdings LLC in 2014.

Our core strategy

Our core strategy is built to protect our capital for future generation wealth through low- to moderate-risk co-investments and selected direct investments.  Our primary area of focus is investing in, or lending to, real estate partnerships.  Given our entrepreneurial roots and interests, we also make angel/venture investments in technology and/or healthcare ventures that have a strong team of advisers and a clear exit strategy.