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about JZJ Holdings


Family office

JZJ Holdings is a single-family office that makes direct and syndicated investments into real estate, operating businesses and private equity/venture capital opportunities.

Measured investments/lending

We have a disciplined investment approach and typically focus on co-investment.  In special circumstances, we will make direct investments in ventures if we think we add significant value and will take a board seat.

Our investing sweet spot

Depending upon the asset class, we make investments from $10,000 to under a million.  In a venture situation, we will consider making milestone based investments with disbursements over time.

Have an opportunity you think would interest us?

If you have an investment opportunity that you'd like us to consider, please share an executive summary along with your contact information.

Managing Member

David B. Rosen

During the 1980's Dave was privileged to start his post-college career as a management trainee, working with an exceptional group of bankers and entrepreneurs.  During this period of rapid US financial deregulation, Republic National Bank of NY grew to one of the top money center banks in the country and Dave joined the senior management team of the Retail Banking Division as a Managing Director.  

Republic provided Dave with a wonderful foundation early in his business career. Management was encouraged to think outside the box, embrace entrepreneurship while maintaining a disciplined approach to asset allocation, risk management,  liquidity, expense control and many other critical skills that have stayed with him to this day.  

Dave left Republic a few years before its sale to HSBC in 1999.  After leaving banking, he was determined to focus his skills on entrepreneurship. As the  demographics of baby boomers were aging, he targeted the healthcare sector.  Mr. Rosen co-founded the I Feel Good Network, playing health educational videos in doctor's waiting rooms subsidized by pharmaceutical advertising;  ipMedica, Inc., a regional medical documentation company servicing hospitals, clinics and medical offices; Rising Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on development and distribution of generics nationwide.  Following the sale of Rising to a  NASDAQ-listed public company and his exit several years later, he co-founded DASH Pharmaceuticals LLC where he currently spends the majority of his professional time.